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Foster has a warm, inviting, and understated vocal style that easily fits a variety of blues and soul styles, going from polished and upscale to gritty with little effort. I'm pretty sure that you will have a ball listening to this fun and entertaining set of blues and soul. You'll agree that D. A. Foster is definitely the real thing.

Graham Clarke | Blues Bytes Magazine

Hi All -

And so it begins…Here’s our first Blues Radio listing, #2 on the Blues Debut weekly Chart!

top 25 debut charts

This is just a single online station, not a composite chart like Living Blues or Roots Music Report, but it is a highly visible and popular one. They are “Blues Debut” because they only play the most recent record from any artist. A bit of a misnomer, but we’ll take it!

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D.A.'s new video detailing the making of "The Real Thing" is now up. Give it a look-see!

Connecticut’s Shaboo Inn, a legendary 1970s and 1980s blues and rock concert dance hall, attracted over 100 top artists, including Bonnie Raitt, Miles Davis, The Police, Aerosmith, and Tom Waits to the former silk mill in Mansfield.

David “Lefty” Foster started Shaboo at the age of 19 when he wasn't yet old enough to be inside the building. He joins us to share stories from this long and storied Connecticut icon.

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