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This set is based in strong blues and R&B, with occasional soul touches, and with some truly world-class musicians in support, this is an early contender for my CD of the Year.

Norman Darwen | Blues In The South

DA Foster has been a fixture on the New England club circuit for decades now. His direct involvement with the music scene by way of the legendary Shaboo Inn has been an integral part of many of today's most widely known artists and musicians.

DA's newest album "The Real Thing" is certain to be a hallmark of great R&B and Blues tunes, and will be a must have item in any music aficionado's collection. For all the years that DA has shone his light upon the greats of our day, now he's gettin' a turn.

D.A. Foster Credits

* Larry Fulcher sang on "Real Thing"
** tracks 3, 9, and 11
*** track 9

The producers want to thank all of the great talented musicians, singers, engineers, writers, and artists that inspired this recording.

Tony Braunagel would also like to thank DW , Sabian, Vic Firth, Remo, Gon Bops, and Protection Racket.

  • Vocals - D.A. Foster
  • B3 and Piano - Mike Finnigan
  • Drums - Tony Braunagel
  • Bass- Larry Fulcher*
  • Guitar - Johnny Lee Schell
  • Percussion - Lenny Castro
  • Piano - David Garfield **
  • Guitar - Josh Sklair **
  • Trumpet - Darrell Leonard
  • Saxophone - Joe Sublett
  • Background vocals - Julie Delgado
  • Nita Whitaker
  • Mike Finnigan
  • Flugelhorn, Trombone, Trumpet - Lee Thornberg***
  • Produced by Tony Braunagel and Mike Finnigan
  • Executive Producer - D.A. Foster/Shaboo Productions, LLC
  • Engineer - Johnny Lee Schell
  • Recorded at Ultratone Studios, Studio City, CA
  • Mixed by Ed Cherney
  • Mastered by Reuben Cohen at Lurssen Mastering
  • Video - Bill Megalos
  • Security - Rooster the Dog

D.A. Foster dedicates this album to Marilyn Foster

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