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Mr. Foster sure sounds like the real thing to these ears. Here’s one (“Good Man Bad Thing”) I’ll be playing for the rest of the year.

Mike Marrone | SiriusXM | The Loft

This time we are with D.A. Foster, a myth deep blues and R & B in New England. Connoisseurs know him as "The Real Thing" and steer clear of imitations.

D.A. learned the trade when he was co-owner of the Shaboo Inn, the legendary roadhouse in Connecticut. In the seventies scritturò some future rock star and all the great names of the blues. Encouraged by the masters, learned to turn to dominate the stage and founded the Shaboo Allstars, which were part of Matt "Guitar" Murphy and Harvey Brooks.

'The Real Thing' is the title of his album, a sumptuous tribute to the Old School. For the instrumental part was available the catch-Grammy Phantom Blues Band; the production is performed by Tony Braunagel and Mike Finnigan, whose credentials date back to when he played the organ in the records of Jimi Hendrix. Old school? You can bet on!

Appointment as always set for 21:00 on Thursday evening until 22.30. Edited by the great Edward Fassio.

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