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This set is based in strong blues and R&B, with occasional soul touches, and with some truly world-class musicians in support, this is an early contender for my CD of the Year.

Norman Darwen | Blues In The South

Translation from German. Original article link at the bottom of the article.

On the east coast of the United States is known DA Foster decades as a bandleader, Prodzent and owner of a company that rents instruments musicians for their tours. Together with longtime friend Mark Finnegan as a producer UDN pianist / organist and the Phantom Blues Band, he has released a great album full of soul, blues and a little funk.

His voice teachers were the greats of the Blues: Muddy Waters, Willie Dixon, Howlin Wolf, Koko Taylor and other guest appearances regularly Shaboo Inn, the music store in Connecticut, where DA Foster was a co-owner. In 1979 he founded the Shaboo Allstars, whose first cast also included Matt "Guitar" Murphy. And later he would take the place of Nick Gravenites with a planned start-up of Electric Flag. Unfortunately, the plan worked, as well as the production of a solo album by Paul Rothchild next to it. But at least now with "The Real Thing" should DA Foster perceive as one of the notable blues and soul singers of today.

Whether with funky blues like the opener "Good Man Bad Thing," with ohrwurmverdächtigem Rhythm & Blues ("We All Fall Down"), or heart-rending ballads ("You Just Can not Smile It Away"); Foster's warm and versatile voice is a real discovery for me. The Guitar by Johnny Lee Schell is to striking blues accents, while Finnigans organ provides the necessary Soul primer together with Bläseru and background singers. "The Real Thing" - a really fine Soul Blue disc!

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