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Mr. Foster sure sounds like the real thing to these ears. Here’s one (“Good Man Bad Thing”) I’ll be playing for the rest of the year.

Mike Marrone | SiriusXM | The Loft

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Strangely enough, this is a first album from a ridiculously talented and connected musician, a singer of substance with over three decades music business experience behind him. This immensely solid history brings a remarkably focused, engaging presence to the studio, with great, powerful, balanced soulful vocals together with a Grammy award-winning backing band - The Phantom Blues Band - of exceptional quality for a debut release.

As a bandleader, in his previous musical life in Connecticut, Foster has worked with countless well-known names including Chuck Berry, Muddy Water, Keith Richards and BB King. Indeed the list is as long as it is impressive. And with this album, it's easy to see why, although hard to understand why it has taken him so long to leap from the backing shadows into the fiery spotlight on his own account.

Foster's voice is smooth, rootsy and absolutely packed with southern soul and simpering, simmering quality. This guy and this album are both clearly 'the real thing', a wonderful discovery of huge class and quality. Definitely an album to get your hands on if you like quality modern southern soul music at its very best.

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