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Foster has a warm, inviting, and understated vocal style that easily fits a variety of blues and soul styles, going from polished and upscale to gritty with little effort. I'm pretty sure that you will have a ball listening to this fun and entertaining set of blues and soul. You'll agree that D. A. Foster is definitely the real thing.

Graham Clarke | Blues Bytes Magazine

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Am so pleased with this album. I love that there is such a variety of songs because some albums can end up being the same song with slight variations, which becomes very boring very quickly. Not only is there a variety of blues, but each song shines on its own and is as good as the next. The variation in the mix keeps me listening. In particular, I love the lyrics, which I would describe as mature/grown-up/realistic, meaning there is no misogyny, the speaker has the maturity to admit that mistakes were made - by both sexes - but despite our flaws, there is still good to be had in the relationships. I would definitely buy this artist, again. I've become a fan!

What a pleasant surprise. Not a "new" artist but unknown to me, I heard one track on Sirius Bluesville and had to check this guy out. A seasoned blend of blues and R&B with excellent contributions from all players and singers. The artist himself has a voice reminiscent of Dr. John or Delbert McClinton, well worn but comfortable, able to deliver the emotion to a song without effort. The songs range from good time rockin' party music to soulful reflections on love sung with the authority and maturity of someone who has lived life fully. Another example of a very talented artist who has survived the often indifferent music "business" and just continues to make good music. I am glad he has.

Went to high school with this guy. He and his brothers band played all the high school events. Have caught his performances at Mohegan Sun Casino a few times. Album is great! One of my new favorites

Fabulous album

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